The Camelizer

The Camelizer is not available for mobile browsers.

Not an official Amazon extension.

Bienvenido a The Camelizer for Chrome

Nuestra extensión mejora su experiencia de compra en Amazon. Para utilizarla, busque un producto en Amazon y haga clic en el icono el icono naranja de Camelizer en la barra de herramientas de Chrome. Obtendrás información inmediata sobre las tendencias de precios del producto, e incluso podrás inscribirte para recibir alertas de bajadas de precios.

El icono Camelizer aparece resaltado en rojo.

¿No ves el icono?

Si el icono no está visible, está oculto en el menú de la extensión. Haz clic en el icono del rompecabezas en la barra de herramientas y luego en el icono del alfiler junto al Camelizer para asegurarte de que el icono esté siempre visible.

El icono del alfiler aparece resaltado en rojo.

Ve a tu Amazon local y pruébalo

Selecciona tu país y te llevaremos a una página de producto de Amazon donde podrás probar The Camelizer.


Una cuenta camelcamelcamel funciona muy bien con The Camelizer, y le asegura que no perderá sus relojes de precios por cambios / reinstalaciones del navegador o del sistema operativo.

Crear cuenta gratuita

The Camelizer Privacy Policy

The Camelizer (“the extension”) and (“our site”) are published by Cosmic Shovel, Inc. (“we”).

Required / Necessary Data Collection

In order to function, The Camelizer requires certain data be collected and transmitted to our server:

  • The URL of the Amazon or camelcamelcamel page you’re viewing when you activate The Camelizer, as well as some page content.
    • This is required for extension functionality; we use the URL and other page data to determine which product you’re viewing, current prices, etc.
    • If we do not detect an Amazon or camelcamelcamel domain, or if a URL is on our blacklist of sensitive pages, the extension halts processing and no data is transmitted.
  • Your email address.
    • If you provide it, we will associate your email address with any price watches created through the extension, for the purpose of sending you the price drop alert emails you have requested.
    • You do not have to provide your email address to use the price history features of the extension, but it is required to use the price watch functionality.
    • We will not share your email address outside our company.

Advertising, Analytics, and Monetization

The Camelizer contains no advertising, third party analytics, or affiliate marketing links (nor monetization of any kind.) Our website, however, may utilize any or all of these things in order to operate and pay the bills; please read its privacy policy here.

You can request the deletion of your personal information from our servers by visiting this page:

About The Camelizer

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